Twitter has been ever-evolving since its inception in 2006. But ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter in 2022, it has gained more popularity when compared to before. Twitter is a platform that enables faster communication and is a place for diverse discussions on various topics among different people. To enhance the user experience and stay on trend, Twitter periodically introduces new features. Elon Musk has said that he aims at creating a Twitter 2.0- The Everything App. The new features that have already been introduced in 2023 or are in the process of being done are:

  • Twitter Blue:

    Twitter Blue is a new subscription service that offers its users access to exclusive features such as the ability to undo tweets, calendar view for tweet scheduling, Bookmark folders for easy organization of your saved tweets, app customization, and more for a low, monthly subscription fee. Twitter Blue is a great way to get the most out of your Twitter experience and make the most of your tweets by getting the badge.

  • Edit feature:

    As you might've already guessed, this feature enables a user to edit a tweet after publishing it. But there are some limits to this feature to- posts can be edited only within 30 minutes of posting and one tweet can be edited a max 5 times. This indicates that the feature is mainly for correcting typos, missed tags, and other potential errors. This feature will come in handy for marketers across the globe. The testing of this feature has already been done and currently, Twitter Blue Subscribers in New Zealand,the US, Canada, and Australia have been provided with this feature.

  • Twitter Notes:

    This new feature, called 'Community Notes' allows users to publish longer content. In this feature, the Note title can go up to 100 words and the body to 2,500 words. It has been designed to reduce the spread of misinformation by providing an opportunity to share longer-form content such as articles, photos, videos, and GIFs.

  • Feature of 'Unmentioning':

    Twitter has introduced a new feature that gives users more control over their mentions. It allows them to untag themselves from Tweets and ensures that no one else can include them in the thread again. Twitter announced that the feature is rolling out to all users on all devices. This feature has been long-awaited and provides users with more control over their mentions.

  • Twitter Payments:

    Due to Elon's vision to make Twitter an everything app, it has started working on Twitter Payments. This payment system will be available in all countries where Twitter is available, accepting payments in the official currencies of those countries. Twitter will be able to generate revenue with this feature, enabling transactions between users. This would enable users to transfer money to each other in a secure and more convenient manner.

  • CoTweet Feature:

    This feature allows users to collaborate on multiple tweets at once and manage conversations with multiple accounts. This makes it easy to assign tasks to multiple accounts and keep track of conversations across various accounts. It also allows users to schedule tweets in advance, track engagement and mentions, and collaborate with a team of people. CoTweet provides detailed analytics, allowing users to gain insights into their Twitter accounts, audiences, campaigns, and more.

  • Twitter continues to innovate and evolve. Hence, it is crucial for you to stay updated with the new and upcoming features to ensure that you use them in the most effective way and get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.

How to make your website engaging?

  • Know your company:

    Before you start developing your company's website, you first need to fully understand what your company is all about. Study its vision, and mission to ensure that they are aligned with your website. You also need to do a thorough SWOT Analysis so that you don't face any shortcomings later.

  • Analyze your brand's objectives:

    Your website is a medium to communicate with its visitors. It conveys your brand's message to the audience, thus you must be crystal-clear about the message or your brand's objective before you communicate it to the general public.

  • Study the Target Market:

    Before marketing or promoting your brand via your website, you first need to know your target market's needs and ongoing trends. You also need to analyze the impact your strategies will have on the audience and what you can do to get the desired reaction.

  • Hire professionals:

    It is essential for you to hire web developers and web designers who are proficient in UX, UI, coding languages, visual design, SEO, design software, and front-end and back-end programming. To have a smooth functioning website you need to have experts skilled in troubleshooting.

  • Monitor your website's activity:

    After having an appropriate website, you need to periodically monitor its activities to know where you are lacking so that you can improve. You need to thoroughly examine your website's analytics to understand the traits of your audience and what they are actually interested in.

You now know the significance of having a well-designed, properly-functioning website for your business and its impact on the audience. We at Skywings, are here to assist you in acquiring your ideal website, so contact us today!