Nowadays, almost all companies, be they big or small, use AI tools in digital marketing to gain a competitive edge. You'd be fascinated to know that even top brands like Google, Airbnb, Amazon, and IBM use AI tools to grow their business.

Why AI Tools?

61% of digital marketers have said that AI software is the most vital ingredient of their data strategy. Artificial Intelligence [AI] is used by businesses due to its accuracy and speed. It aids with complex decision-making, problem-solving, and enhancing core business processes and is both cost and time effective. AI Tools help you enhance and optimize your content to make a fool-proof digital marketing strategy. Let us now take a look at the top AI tools to facilitate powerful digital marketing in 2023:

  • Grammarly: [For Content Writing]

    Do you want your online writing to be clear and error-free? Grammarly is the perfect tool for you. Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that identifies punctuation, grammar, context, and structural errors which you are free to adopt or ignore. The premium and business plans offer you help with additional features like clarity, engagement, tone, and style. Another perk is that it can be added as an extension for Google Chrome.

  • Jasper AI: [For Copywriting]

    Jasper AI is an amazing copywriting tool that uses Natural Language Processing. Be it social media ads, Google ads, landing page content, marketing email, or blogs, Jasper creates 100% original content within a very short span of time that is engaging and plagiarism-free. It creates Search Engine Optimised content which helps you reach a large number of people by making your content rank at the top in search engines.

  • Synthesia: [For Video Generation]

    Synthesia is a powerful AI tool that creates Audiovisual content for your business. It is one of the best video software which helps you create professional videos providing you with various characters, styles, and personalities to choose from. Synthesia helps you create video content for youtube channels, advertisements, social media content, website, customer onboarding, and many more. It is a cost and time-efficient tool to create top-quality content.

  • Copy AI: [For Content Writing and copywriting]

    Copy is an amazing AI-powered tool that uses Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to create engaging content for you. It provides you with 90+ templates, multi-language support, content quality, an in-built plagiarism checker, and an option to add it as a Google Chrome extension. It helps you create numerous engaging content for various social media platforms, blogs, websites, and email content for your business.

  • Beautify AI: [For presentations]

    Want something to assist you with creating presentations for all sorts of events? Beautify AI is here for you. It is an AI that automates presentation creation and custom image generation. It provides you with various beautiful templates to choose from. You just need to add your content and rest while the AI creates amazing presentations for you. It enables you to choose the perfect colors, fonts, logos, and templates for your presentations.

  • Chatfuel: [For chatbots]

    We all know how easy chatbots have made our work. Chatfuel is among the top-used chatboxes by businesses. It assists you with automating messages using AI conversational chatbots. Chatfuel uses bots to engage in conversations with your potential clients, answer FAQs, and have sales talks with them. You can customize your chatbots according to your company's needs. Being an official partner with Meta shows its credibility.

  • Seventh Sense: [For email marketing]

    Nowadays, email marketing is among the top digital marketing strategies used by companies and Seventh Sense is here to help you with it. It is an AI-powered tool designed to enable your existing email marketing campaign, to gain more leads by driving maximum performance and engagement. Its awesome features include send-time optimization, increased deliverability, email throttling, and email frequency optimization, ensuring proper communication with prospective clients to generate leads and in turn, increase sales.

  • Brand24: [To monitor brand's performance]

    You need to continuously monitor your brand's performance over the internet. Brand24 comes in handy for that. It assists you with several vital things like brand monitoring, customer relationships, Industry monitoring, competition monitoring, identifying sales leads, and tracking your brand's marketing activities. These help you stay updated with your brand's ongoing performance in the market and understand the areas you need to work on.

Wrapping Up:

AI has been introduced to make our work easier and hence we must use it to extract maximum benefit from it. It is both time and cost-efficient and these days almost all businesses are using it, it is now deemed a necessity to implement it in our business strategies. By using trending AI tools, your business will grow tremendously by creating a sustainable and forward-looking brand.

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